Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Progressive Recycling

Two Weeks Refuse & Recycling
April 27, 2011
One Week Refuse
January 20, 2011
Sunday, I had the privilege of watching my sister search through her trash for a valuable misplaced item.  Egg shells, coffee grounds, dead lettuce, beer bottles and cigarette butts: Five bags later and a lot of nausea...I realized the value in recycling & composting.  Not only have I reduced my carbon footprint.  I have an idea of where my dollars go.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earthday 2011 Organic Clemson Locally Grown Leadership

Window Painting Downtown Clemson 
Friday, April 22
Happy Earthday! Clemson University students are hosting the 2nd Annual Earthday event from noon to 4 PM at the Hendricks Center Grand Ballroom.  Originally scheduled at the Carillion Gardens and North Lawn, the event has officially been relocated to avoid seasonal showers and the cooler accompanying weather.

Organic Clemson University locally grown student leadership 
is nurtured and raised though collective 
sustainability awareness activities.