Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CLEMSON DNA: Sustainability Code Endures!

President's Commission on Sustainability - Every other Tuesday, attendance encouraged.
Sustainability.  What is this exactly?    Have you ever heard any one utilize this word in a daily conversation.  "... My mom's sustainability in the kitchen really says it all!", "Grandma really is sustainable", or  "Wow, look how economically sustainable those Jones live!" How do we recognize it in practice?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

With A Sense of Urgency...

 I woke up to change the world" 
-Students For Environmental Action

On the Clemson Campus, numerous people are buzzing over the topic of the Millennium - Sustainability.  But really what does "that" mean?  Ask any two people on campus and you will get a two distinctly different answers. "Sustainability" makes for great articles, conversation and debate. 

After hearing a student express 'sustainability is a joke'.  I finally faced the apathetic realities and thoughts of the greater Clemson student community. I awoke.  Rather than be discouraged, I have chosen to recognize a community calling for help and people responding.  Numerous groups have mobilized through student organization connections and a grassroots community is forming.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Media...ouch!

Hello to All!

The New Year and snow excitement covers that covers Clemson refuses to let go.  My usual academic routine has been challenged by working with the new media.  The perfectionist in me is shocked by the blogging options and diversions.  I also found some really old cultural norms that I need to address i.e.: 'be careful writing anything - it could come back to haunt you...'.  I have been attempting to navigate the Blackboard system and check out the previous posts.  They will never know how much I have already learned from their work.

False starts and heavy upfront technical concerns aside, I am looking forward to new year and adventures with great anticipation.