Sunday, January 23, 2011

With A Sense of Urgency...

 I woke up to change the world" 
-Students For Environmental Action

On the Clemson Campus, numerous people are buzzing over the topic of the Millennium - Sustainability.  But really what does "that" mean?  Ask any two people on campus and you will get a two distinctly different answers. "Sustainability" makes for great articles, conversation and debate. 

After hearing a student express 'sustainability is a joke'.  I finally faced the apathetic realities and thoughts of the greater Clemson student community. I awoke.  Rather than be discouraged, I have chosen to recognize a community calling for help and people responding.  Numerous groups have mobilized through student organization connections and a grassroots community is forming.

On Monday, January 17th, I witnessed such group Students for Environmental Action held a "Kick-Off" Meeting for Spring 2010.  Despite weather conditions, the full house turn out indicates that student activity provides a challenge to status quo attitudes.  The fresh faced and energized group anticipates a momentous Spring.  

A new year with new challenges, SEA and Gabriel Fair's heralding statement "Change is Happening..." provides the perfect beginning for exploring the cultural literacy of sustainability leadership at Clemson University.  SEA's monumental presence creates a welcome change with a message.  Action and accountability with a community spirit can conquer all.  

Over the next few weeks, the blog serves to document my interactions and reflect on the Sustainability Community of Clemson University.  Through this exploration and participation, I expect to provide a snapshot of Clemson University's address of evolving challenges transitioning into a sustainable environment.

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  1. This looks like an interesting group of focus - will watch for how this "society" makes meaning! The photos above are very illustrative of just how many pixels are "wasted" in various online usage.