Wednesday, March 2, 2011

VATICAN GREEN: The Hippest Color of the Season!

Tony Panuccio: My Friend
CHECK and Check Please!
Sunday- I have this love affair with breakfast. What a great idea to start a day!

Never having a bad one- hot coffee & great conversation- Key to the experience, having it all with your most excellent friend. Today Tony Pannucio (my favorite dining companion) informed me Father West at St. Paul the Apostle Church said,

The Vatican is seeking to become Carbon Neutral!

Upon further investigation, I find out the Catholic Church has become quite active in the sustainability movement.  In fact, the Vatican installed solar panels on Nervi Hall. The Church has called for an "Ecological Conversion"; this is a direct result of the Church's sustainability efforts.

Regional Church Effort:
Sustainability Guidelines
Fantastico! My honorable friend shared with me the greatest thing ever!  "Go Green for God's Creation: A Resource Guide"a leaflet produced by the St. Andrew, St. Francis and St. Paul Social Justice and Outreach Committee was distributed at the 8AM Sunday Morning service!  Trying not to be rude- I save it for later.  Tony knows like my over medium eggs, grits and toast -I will devour it!

Always, Tony shares portions of the sunday sermon. Fascinated, I realize this truly is a new dawn or maybe one of many.  If the Clemson Churches are sending messages- the sustainability community growth potential grows!

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