Thursday, February 10, 2011

Earth Day 2011 April 22

By hosting Clemson’s 2011 Earth Day, SEA seeks to continue the raise 
community awareness of environmental issues while providing the campus 
community access to local artisans whose products and services are geared toward environmental awareness and education.  
SEA Earth Day Event Mission Statement

Earth Day Kickoff at Hendricks Center Lobby
April 22nd, 1970, the first Earth Day was held.  The event is considered to be the birth of the modern conservation movement.  The unprecedented event was powered by the emerging political consciousness  and led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Water, Clean Air and the Endangered Species Acts.  Powered by the emerging grassroots activism, the event was originally designed to be a 'national teach-in for the environment".

Earth Day established a great story or muthos. The tumultuous 70's transitioned ideal into the actual.  The initial grassroots efforts remain.  Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) are hosting the second annual event on Clemson Campus.  This group has committed to actively raise environmental awareness in the Clemson University community.  The group offshoots from the original Earth Day and remains committed to the origins while contributing to the contemporary experience.  The making or techne of the event in the planning stages, welcomes community feedback.

Earth Day Symbol : created by Ron Cobb 
LA Free News published 10/25/69
Volunteers are welcome to help get the planning underway.  Any interest?  SEA just asks you to think about how much time you can allot.  As a very active group, members understand that "busy people get things done".  Accustomed to matching tasks and schedules, SEA welcomes participation at any level.  The goal is  simply, " Grow a tradition of celebration". 

Weekly meetings are scheduled to welcome participation.  If you want to join the committee or just  check it out.  Just show up or email questions.  "Invite roommates, friends or any one who may be interested.  No affiliation is required, just interest in the Earth Day cause".

Earth Day meetings are being held:
Tuesdays at  
Hendrix Lobby & 
Thursdays at 6:30pm 
Spill The Beans DT
Contact: Tabitha B. Kelly
(864) 617 - 9660

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