Friday, February 11, 2011

49137 or LEIGH-MIXD

Life choices can take on different approaches.  
Three approaches, I have observed 3 ways people choose  to go...with it, against it or lead it.  You see it in life everywhere - in the Jones' neighborhood, salmon in the river, in Tahrir Square Egypt and on a racetrack - all are valid paths for the future.
IN THE GRID - February 11, 2011
Our lives are incredibly finite and evolutionary at a very tiny scale.  Endless capacities verse finite expectations.  Voting used to be a process.  Now we vote through our dollars.  There is a sense that we are shifting from a monetary based economy to a conceptual economy.  We adapt to survive and with it so does our world.  People choose to live the way they live.  Either consciously or not, our choices shape the world.

Every medium of human expression is being challenged to keep up with the way people are changing.  It may be the technos of the screen technology. Ted Turner developed CNN June 1st, 1980 - 31years ago.  The TV was a tool.  Nicholas Necroponte wrote Being Digital January 1995, it forecasted the merger of the entertainment, interactive and information worlds over 16 years ago!  Since then, we skipped over the technology age to the age of research to the age of the concept leaped to that age of action.  So what do you do with it.

Generally speaking technology, at its best has been user unfriendly and tedious - (my) level of patience shifted from the slow to accelerated.  It is the rap of what I think and the way that my friends are moving and what does that say about the future? I say it has the same capacity as we always had, it will always change and the fact that we could lose our human characteristics.  But really, really how can that happen?  Criticisms of change in the way we express our selves.

Today, my kid is in gym class and they are teaching him to pace himself.  He fails.  What is that saying?  I write my friends are astounded to hear what is happening.  There is no imposed class structure and when you are used to one - well adapt.  Get a moral compass.  There is no longer a right and no wrong there just is and the reactions to control and power have happened.  Why? Because newspapers failed and TV falters.  It is our voices that succeeded in stretching out to the future and see that the message is every where and every one can fully participate.  Why?  It is free of filtration.  It is pure and it strives to voice an opinion.  It dares to challenge and it is creative the human spirit is free.  

Bounce forward to a new time of possibilities! 

Dearest Reader- Please pardon me new media just grabbed hold of me! 
I'll be back  soon.

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