Friday, February 18, 2011

Kicking the Bottled Water Habit

I loved bottled water.

Purchasing a part of something bigger, ideal of pure fresh and good for me all at the same time.  How exquisite.  Exactly when and where, the relationship began... a shared bottle of San Pelegrino with a friend at dinner in Atlanta.

Sparing the details in between, my epiphany was seeing the cumulative effects of my addiction.  The horde of water bottles behind my truck bench- my hidden secret.  In quest of self exploration, I searched to amend my bottled water addiction.  Eureka! Solution, larger water bottles:  Refill my plastic with water from the new larger plastic bottle in my refrigerator...Sound like a plan?  Perhaps, this is the fallacy that all addicts go through to get to the other side. Since challenges and obstacles are what I live for!  Enter my analytical mind.

Here is the math:
  • 6 Daily Bottle Consumption Rate 
  • 365 Days 
  • $1.25 Estimated Retail Cost
$2,737.50! This can't be! 
OK...the bulk savings?
  • 2,190 Bottles consumed
  • 1 case (24) Water bottles 
  • $4.50 Estimated retail cost x 91 Cases!
How much do I consume?
  • 2,190 Bottles consumed
  • 16.9 oz Bottle
  • 37,011 oz annual
  • 778 Gallons
What would I need to filter water?
  • $31.00 -Water filter (200 gallon)
  • $9.00 Water bottle - aluminum reusable
  • $120.00 - 3.9 Filters ($31.00)

$130.00 Initial Investment : Net an exponential savings and 3 cubic yards of waste.
Not bad...not bad at all.

* According to City of Clemson water department, the tap water equivalent cost : 
$3.15 (1000/gallon) + $19.95 the monthly service charges($23.10 est.)

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  1. the look on your face when you realized you were addicted to bottled water and had spent said money on as such: Priceless!