Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jumping Together...

E.O. Wilson : Google Worthy!
Hirsch's description of cultural literacy "to possess the basic information needed to thrive in the modern world' statement implies an endowment of power.  Hirsch's statements fueled responses equally controversial.  My dissatisfaction with all of the explanations regarding cultural literacy led to a further exploration. While observing the Sustainability Community in action, an understanding of the groups message was revealed.

When we observe the cultural phenomena's transmission transcontinentally or cross-culturally like in the sustainability community.  We observe a "biological" response to an idea or belief.  In the sustainability culture, ideas are replicated.  They have responded to the pressures of contemporary circumstances.  For example regionally innovative building practices respond to the environment.  The natural responsive design functions according to the climate.  When the idea is transmitted to another region, it mutates.  The initial principles exist, however, they mutated to fit the environment.   

In Consilience : The Unity of Knowledge, E.O. Wilson observed:

"... a jumping together of knowledge by the linking of facts and fact-based disciplines to create a groundwork of exploration." 

Perhaps, the muthos of "survival" records our narrative.  Therefore, Wilson may well be right.  Genetic "wiring" of our brains allows us to work in cooperation with environment for human survival.  When the greater public hears terminology : environment, sustainability or recycling - a shutdown occurs. It is about the environment?  Perhaps, upon the surface, yes is the answer.  

We must look beyond the sound bite.  When speaking with the sustainability community, understand the ultimate goal is protecting the environment in order for human beings to thrive.  The stoloniferous nature of human survival can be found in the community's drive strengthen the resilient nature of Clemson University's educative culture.  Perhaps jumping cooperatively, the Clemson Sustainability Community sends new message. 

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