Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Day...Recycling Day!

Internationally Recognized Symbol
 Designated for Recyclable Materials
Recycling: Wednesday 8:25A.M. Check!

Presently, I am the only one in my apartment complex choosing to recycle. Remembering garbage day has always been a pain - smell and mess, not to mention the ooze from the inevitably leaky bag. You-all know what I am talking about!

Desk side window, see the, Leigh, run!  I dash to the curbside to meet my Recycling Engineer!  Mitchell has been working the route for 5 years.  Mitchell smiled when I asked about his route.  Multitasking, sorting and smiling with pride, he told me that he has seen pickup of recyclables steadily increase!  Mitchell's route originally ran till 11a.m.; Now, he's on the clock til 1p.m.  Mitchell's job is the next phase in 'Greening" our Clemson community.

The CU Sustainability Community Students for Environmental Action (SEA) are conducting the Annual Cooper Library Trash Audit.  See you 8a.m. till 10a.m. on the Cooper Library Bridge.  SEA's effort will show how many recyclables end up in the regular trash cycle.

'Round here, Garbage Day has been officially replaced with Recycling Day! 
Weekly Bag Count: 7

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