Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drink Swear Cry!

Hands up  if you like horror stories... with happy endings! In Landscape Architecture, no assumptions or directions allowed...only analysis, research, data, information then create. We are totally dependent on...What happens next!

Super (Control) Freaks, well this just does not work.  So what do you do?  Ask someone...Elizabeth Gilbert, she should know. She wrote popular, best selling book "Eat, Pray, Love" about creativity and crisis.   Her take on creativity and genius while unorthodox, gives me hope about the projects at hand. Right?

WHERE is the story? HOW do I find it? WHEN I find it how do I tell it?  HOW do I tell the story? WHAT is the story? 

According, to questions reflect what most creative people go see the abyss and jump.  You know you won't expire...but, the criticism....the second guessing and the pain or creation.

So this final project stuff is drives me to drink wine, swear at everyone and cry because I have an audience! But Hey...I have some really great photos and video.  I review....all of the notes and recollect my community.  I reflect on the muthos....the technos...then, Ahhhhh!

I just sent a tweet to my...Genius!

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  1. I mentioned to one of your colleagues that I sensed a "Eat, Pray, Love" zeitgeist among this set of CLAMmers. This is an interesting post that eerily echoes my observations... and lends an interesting perspective. (especially for writers!)