Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Progressive Recycling

Two Weeks Refuse & Recycling
April 27, 2011
One Week Refuse
January 20, 2011
Sunday, I had the privilege of watching my sister search through her trash for a valuable misplaced item.  Egg shells, coffee grounds, dead lettuce, beer bottles and cigarette butts: Five bags later and a lot of nausea...I realized the value in recycling & composting.  Not only have I reduced my carbon footprint.  I have an idea of where my dollars go.

By far my largest consumption is soda and remains Coca-cola products - thanks to my very southern Grandmother, saturday morning and peanut butter ritz cracker ritual.  My coffee consumption remains high.  But a joe-to-go cup equals the cost of 1/2 pound of really good stuff for my week without left over paper cups and tops. By far, the consistent, worst offense : the plastic package liners and frozen food bags.

Yeah and I haven't quite made the switch to bringing my own grocery bags with me. I really hate the pedestrian tee shirt bags and the industrial ugliness of the 99 cent store bags. Style slave-me, I have yet to find a suitable alternative that speaks to me. And how do I manage to destroy those industrial bags?

I have gone through it...the bottom line- Living is a bold is a choice to communicate your ideal.  You seize the moments in small measures with passionate statements. Clemson University sustainability community serves to enlighten people about there choices and personal statements.

The final lesson has been & remains to be: WASTE NOT, WANT NOT.

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